TCS Club Members in October 2012

TCS Club Members in October 2012

The CDM Club was created to provide Cinema and Digital Media students and community members with the space and resources to reach beyond their classroom education by completing collaborative extra curricular projects, participating in and leading workshops, and furthering the CDM presence on campus.

What is Cinema and Digital Media?

We're glad you asked!

At UC Davis, the program was founded as Technoultural Studies, and recently merged with the film studies department. After several name-changes, the combined department was christened "Cinema and Digital Media."

For a primer on what all that means, check out this article by CDM Club Staff Advisor and recent Technocultural Studies graduate Tim Kerbavaz '13:

Are you a current Cinema and Digital Media (or Technocultural Studies) Student at UC Davis? Are you interested in becoming a part of the CDM Club? Contact TCS Club Staff Advisor Tim Kerbavaz - email:, phone: 530-752-3554.

Are you interested in becoming a Cinema and Digital Media Major at UC Davis? Contact UC Davis Cinema and Digital Media Academic/ Major Advisor Ariel Collatz - email:, phone: 530 752 0616.