Janelle Bitker - Journalist: online, print, and radio

Janelle Bitker working on her latest story.

Janelle Bitker working on her latest story.

For Janelle Bitker, Technocultural Studies was all about new ways to analyze media and becoming a more versatile media creator. And sure enough, the department proved to be a great way to explore the field—and impress employers with an education that sounds super cutting-edge. After graduating in 2013, she landed a reporting internship at The Sacramento Bee and then a production internship at Marketplace, the Peabody Award-winning public radio show. She loved LA’s street tacos but hated the traffic, and ultimately returned to Sacramento in 2014 as a staff writer for the local alt-weekly, the Sacramento News & Review. She spends her days in the newsroom and her nights out at concerts, gallery openings and beer pairing dinners. Covering the music, arts and culture scene definitely isn’t a dull gig.

Prior to graduating, Janelle worked her way up to editor-in-chief of the school’s student newspaper, The California Aggie. She also interned at The San Francisco Chronicle and Oakland Magazine, writing about moscato, noodle masters and food trucks. For more, head to www.janellebitker.com.

Jason Dunne - NowThisNews

Jason graduated from UC Davis in 2010 with a degree on Art Studio. In 2009, Jason completed a design residency at Kitchen Budapest, the Budapest-based media lab founded by T-Mobile. From 2010-2012, Jason worked in Hollywood doing high-innovation camera setups on set for the likes of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, ‘The Voice’, and the ‘Young Hollywood Awards’. In 2011, he took the helm with host controls at yowie.com, a Santa Monica-based interactive video startup. Currently, Jason is a Social Producer at New York-based video news start-up, NowThis News.

In November 2012 Jason gave a presentation to the TCS Club about his experiences in the social news industry.

Jason Dunne

Jason Dunne

Todd Kaiser - Video Producer/Director

Todd Kaiser graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Technocultural Studies (TCS) in 2012. After graduating Todd interned with the US Olympic Committee, managing video archives from Olympic Games and training events, filming sporting events and practices, and and editing both original and broadcast footage into promotional videos.

While at UC Davis, Todd worked as a student assistant for the media production team at UC Davis IET-Academic Technology Services, filming events and classes and editing video for web streaming. After his internship at the Olympic Committee ended, Academic Technology Services hired Todd back as a full-time employee.

Working on a wide range of productions, Todd films events, develops e-learning course material, and develops animations and graphics for ATS and its clients.

One example of Todd's graphics work is this animated instructional video for the popular Nutrition 10 class: